• Kimberlee Menchel

How to Sell Items Online Without A Website

As an avid user of Square products for several years now it does not surprise me that they have come up with an ingenious way of selling and taking payment online without the use of a website. Now I may feel inferior since website design is a critical part of our business. However, this can be an extension of your existing Website, Blog Posts, Facebook, Instagram or anywhere you see fit.

I see Square Online Checkout great for anyone who may have several items they want to sell personally or for a business. There is a plethora of industries that would flourish with using Square Online Checkout because it is just that genius.

A friend and I were talking the other day about how she could sell a few items that she made using her vinyl cutting machine. She has a blog but did not grasp the concept of selling her product through it without having a website. After I explained and showed her how to set up a free Square account, it took her through the necessary steps to set up the product(s) she was selling and what to copy and paste into her blog. She made her first sale shortly after and excitedly texted me to tell me about it and thanked me for my professional insight and as a bonus she is taking me out to lunch next week. It’s a win for both of us!

Check it out for yourself and see if it is something that may work for your business, side hustle or for extra holiday cash.

  • Goods or Services

  • Collect Donations

  • Offer Monthly Subscription Plans

  • Sell on Facebook, Instagram, Blog Posts, Portfolios and anywhere you may want to embed a buy button

It's as Easy as 1,2,3 Create a pay link in just a few steps—

  1. Give it a name,

  2. Give it a price

  3. Save and Share

And you can add shipping on there too.

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